How Can Introverts Pitch Their Work to Businesses?

Rosemary Richings
4 min readJun 7, 2018

The debut episode of People Behind the Business is inspired by a Facebook Live masterclass I had the pleasure of leading on how introverts can pitch businesses…the introvert friendly way.

In fact, it also includes a brief audio clip of the original Facebook Live, in order to kick off the discussion. Special thanks to Kasey Pierce of 819 Social for inviting me to speak in her Facebook Group, Learn Social Media Marketing for Introverted Entrepreneurs.

Once upon of time, I was a shy introvert who would break out into a pool of sweat whenever I did public speaking.

So even though I’ve found coping tactics that actually work, I had to come to terms with my shy introversion for the second time when I started my own business. And when I finally figured out what works best for me, I found an introvert friendly way to connect with other entrepreneurs, and also potential clients.

The debut episode is a reflection on how my confidence has evolved over time. It is also one of the rare opportunities that I get to share how I attracted everything from my first blog followers, to my first clients.

What this episode covers:

  • An intro to my work/ what I do besides podcasting
  • Why I can identify with what introverts like yourself who want to run a business, but don’t find that selling yourself and what you do comes naturally
  • Why being an introvert isn’t necessarily an excuse for putting on a fake act, or avoiding pitching other people….
  • I’ve built a business of being my introverted self and pitching major CEOs and etc. that blew many of my peers’ minds (but honestly you can too)
  • My advice to introverts who are feeling the pressure to put on an act when starting out as business owners, and trying to appeal to customers, investors, etc.



Rosemary Richings

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