What content creators really want when they talk about being authentic

Why is everyone so obsessed with being authentic?

1. Being authentic starts with your tone…

When you’re writing something where selling a product or service is the end goal…

2. Being authentic is a process where you focus on the entire journey

  • Women who look like supermodels
  • And men who dress like Don Draper from Mad Men.

Because I can’t help but question the value of instant gratification.

3) Include elements of your personal life in your content

Last week, I was working on an about page for a client.

4) Take the time to show up on other platforms as well

For instance, last November I did a two-part series of live streams on blogging in a private Facebook group for female entrepreneurs.

  • Do part one at my co-working space
  • And do part two at my uncle’s apartment in London, England

If you gravitate towards opportunities where your audience can connect words on a computer screen to a face, a way of speaking, and a particular look…

  • What do the listeners, guests, and commenters have in common?
  • Are your interests and areas of expertise something that this audience wants to learn more about?
  • What are the people who organize or host these programs like? Are they someone that if you were to meet them in a different setting you’d get along with?
  • Would my target audience tune in?

But most importantly, being authentic is a fancy word for being truthful and being ourselves…



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Rosemary Richings

Rosemary Richings


Writer, editor, author, neurodiversity advocate with a lived experience, dyspraxic POV