What does intentional branding actually look like?

Rosemary Richings
5 min readJan 3, 2019

Every piece of your branding is definitely important (from the logo to your website, to the photos you feature). So…how do you make sure that you don’t get too caught up in how “nice-looking” your colour-scheme is, and focus on branding your business in an intentional way? More importantly, why is that so important? In this episode, I spoke to a branding specialist who answered both those questions.

What this episode covers:

  • What Robyn’s company focuses on
  • Why Robyn transitioned out of the corporate grind, and how getting pregnant impacted things overall.
  • How Robyn saw the pregnancy as a sign from the universe that this is all converging because it’s meant to.
  • The challenges Robyn had with starting a business and being pregnant, and how she saw them as similar to starting a business as well.
  • The biggest coincidence: the fact that Robyn booked her first client after she gave birth, and how it was like having two babies to take care of.
  • How creating her own business largely informed her work and helped her help her clients.
  • Why Robyn and I both agree that the hardest part is just getting started, and recommendations for tackling that.
  • Robyn: “really it’s about becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable”, and what that means to Robyn.
  • Why the challenges don’t stop when you’ve overcome the challenges of starting.
  • How co-working was a huge help in the beginning, and why she believes finding something valuable in it is about being open to it.
  • What changed Robyn’s mind about co-working, from “perhaps this is too expensive, to maybe this is a good idea.”
  • How Robyn negotiated free space, in exchange for helping a new co-working space attract new members.
  • When Robyn transitioned to a paid membership, and why she made that transition.
Rosemary Richings

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