Why you absolutely need to limit the reach of your online platforms & how to get ironclad results

Is this is a sign you need to shut down one of your social media accounts & limit the reach of your online platforms?

However, when deciding how you’re going to limit the reach of your online platforms you need to consider to the context of your shares as well.

  • If one blog post doesn’t lead to anything
  • Or the reaction is the opposite of what you hoped

How can you actually do that?

  • Go to meet-up groups in your area where your ideal audience hangs out. Ask people what’s confusing the heck out of them, about whatever you want to write about.
  • Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups where your ideal audience hangs out. Don’t be shy about asking them questions about what freaks them out about what you want to write about.
  • Survey the followers you already have (and no, a small following is not an excuse to not try this out). Interfaces such as Typeform, Surveymonkey, and Google Forms are recommended.
  • Try forums such as Quora, and find out what questions people have about your blog’s area of expertise.

2) Showing up feels like a chore…

But if you’re not at least enjoying the process, there’s something wrong…

If you feel that while facing the toughest parts of content marketing…

Or you could focus just on the things that feel the most natural to you and feel the fulfilment and rewards of attracting just the people that understand your way of living.

3) Your expectations are totally different than reality

If you’re trying something brand new…

  1. Not bother with the platform, and take advantage of the platforms I already have access to.
  2. Experiment with it once or twice just to judge what I think of it, and how my audience responses.

That’s exactly what it boils down to for you as well…



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Rosemary Richings

Rosemary Richings


Writer, editor, author, neurodiversity advocate with a lived experience, dyspraxic POV